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Better advise its policyholders thanks to the intelligent assistant Minalea

AirPitch, the solution to improve customer advice

Save time and improve advice

Insurance offers are complex and difficult to understand, even for insurance professionals. To better advise your customers, it is essential to acquire powerful and intelligent tools, allowing you to see in an instant the differences between the offers, to point out the guarantees and the elements most suited to a customer in an insurance contract. and spot weaknesses in a contract for a client's specific needs. This work is now available in AirPitch, the Minalea assistant, which allows insurance professionals to provide improved advice to their clients.

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Main features


Instant analysis of insurance offers

In just a few clicks, a complete analysis is generated, automatically sorting out the important elements of the insurance offers selected, for example the strongest or weakest points most relevant to the profile of the customer for whom the offer is intended.


Automatically generates arguments for better advice

You'll immediately have the arguments you need to provide comprehensive, transparent advice to your customers and prospects. The most important and relevant information is selected by the Minalea calculation engine and algorithms built into AirPitch.


Sharing studies

The studies carried out can be shared with your customers, directly on their smartphone, via chat, or by email.


Answering customer questions

AirPitch incorporates a powerful search engine that provides an instant, reliable answer to a customer's question about your current offer or the one you are proposing. For outsourced call centres in particular, this feature is highly relevant, ensuring a high level of quality in the answers given, as well as consistency in the discourse and answers to questions requiring a high level of technical expertise.



AirPitch includes a Chatbot that instantly finds the answer to any question on the market offers analysed by Minalea.


Registration of studies

The studies carried out can be recorded. This makes it possible to retrieve them during a second interview, or to prepare for a consultancy interview in advance.


User reporting module

Each user has access to a reporting module giving them an overview of their sales activity, their successes, the most frequently analysed offers, etc...


Centralised reporting

All the information collected is returned to the insurers who use the solution. They can thus obtain valuable information on the commercial performance of their networks.

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Good news ! AirPitch is now available for MGAs. 

Apply now to open your account and subscribe online:

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AirPitch, specially designed for brokers

Improve the value of your offers for your customers

The analysis of several offers is mandatory and requires great meticulousness. It takes time, concentration and technical knowledge of the products.

To better advise your clients, it is essential to have powerful and intelligent tools such as the AirPitch Brokers wizard, which helps you analyze and instantly identify the differences between them, spot the guarantees that are important for your client and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a contract according to the specific needs of each client.

This work is now possible with AirPitch Brokers, Minalea's trading assistant, which allows brokers to offer better advice to their clients.

Main Features


Compare up to 4 offers simultaneously 

Minalea does the work for you by analysing the hundreds of pages, guarantees, services, etc. in the general terms and conditions.


The offers will be automatically selected by AirPitch Broker as being the closest to the one you have previously selected as your customer's offer.

Let the Minalea tool do the product selection for you. Concentrate on choosing your portfolio of insurers.


They will be presented in order of technical quality and suitability for your customer's profile (if you have had the opportunity to receive information relating to their profile).

Minalea's algorithms and dynamic weightings will rank, analyse and check which cover, guarantees or services are the best among the offers.


Take a look at a comparative table of proposals based on Minalea's refined UX and CX.

Find and analyse with your customer the cover that interests them most and decide with them on the most suitable proposal to compete with the offer they already have.


AirPitch and its powerful analysis engines, chatbot and ability to interact with information will make all the difference

As a mediator, let Minalea help you find the ideal sales argument to achieve greater success and increase the conversion of your offers. In short, sell more!

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