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Automated analysis of credit files

AirScanCredit: automate the analysis of bank account statements in the study of credit files

AirScanCredit is an innovative solution offered to Credit professionals which changes the way they analyze their clients' Real Estate, Consumption and Credit Repurchase credit files. 


AirScanCredit performs full and real-time analysis of account statements scanned or photographed by the Client. 


AirScanCredit  drastically reduces the processing time of these files, and allows gains in productivity and reliability in the analysis. The study is considerably simplified, and processing biases are limited. The Credit Analyst is strongly supported in his decision-making and the tedious tasks of studying account statements are completely carried out by AirScanCredit.

Mockup airscancredit.png

How it works ?

  1. Image processing to retrieve the text layer if it exists or to create it

  2. OCR

  3. Identification and understanding of the data collected: AirScanCredit understands the data that is useful to it in order to be able to categorize it

  4. Categorization: the identified collected data is automatically categorized (by type of movement, by nature, by expense grouping)

  5. Reprocessing of information: grouping of expenses and income: variable and recurring expenses, variable and recurring expenses, recalculation of the daily balance over the period analysed, search for alerts, etc...

  6. Determination of a confidence score on the document and on the data collected

  7. Decision support and scoring: setting up the scoring of the file according to the client's rules

  8. Historization of information, traceability and reporting

What are the benefits of AirScanCredit?



Up to 75% reduction in file processing time compared with manual processing.



Uniform application of business rules, elimination of interpretation bias, determination of a confidence score for the document and the information processed by AirScanCredit.



Archived files, real-time reporting and statistical feedback.

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