Turn key and give immediate value for your distribution network and your customers:
The Smart Commercial Assistant is ready to use, and will provide immediate value to your distribution networks. It can be accessed through a secured dedicated website: no development, no IT required.
Instant in depth analysis of covers and services:
Car insurance, Home and liability, Motorbike, Mortgage protection, Health, etc... Insurance offers are deeply scanned and evaluated on many criterias.
Permanent market scanning:
98 % of the market products are monitored permanently. Information is mainly coming from terms and conditions. Once collected, data are stored in database, rated and weighted before being processed by calculation engine and algorithms. 
Instant display of the perfect sales pitch:
In few clics, the vendors get the sales pitch adapted to the customer profile and related to the offer being sold, faced to current customer product or any competition offer. 
Information sharing tools:

Simplified results of the sales pitch can be shared with prospects or customers instantly on their smartphone or in a chat session. These features are specially designed for call centers. 


Answer any customer question on covers: 
A powerful search engine based on semantic connexions is available to give to the vendor the capacity to answer immediately and precisely to any question from the customer.
Storage functionnality: 
Product analysis can be stored and retrieved for a later use.
Indexed access to terms and conditions: 
Each cover analyzed links to the indexed Terms and Conditions. It avoids uncertainty on source and quality of information stored.
White labelled:
The Smart Assistant can be delivered on request in white labelled version.
Responsive design:
The solution is accessible from any screen size, from tablets to large desktops screens.
Several modes to access data:

Data can be accessed in various modes:

-through a dedicated secured website: no IT required, immediately available,
-using a web service to get the calculated data and display them in a proprietary solution,
-embedded in a web sales funnel : to deliver key product features compared to competition directly on a website,
-delivred to a CTI for vocal translation during waiting time

Embedded online reporting
The Assistant includes reporting capacities for each user. Vendors can check their commercial performance. In addition a reporting for marketing and actuary teams gives key competition performance indicators.