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Team portrait : Peter, IT Architect

Now it's the turn of Peter de Brito Gossmann, our IT Architect, to introduce himself! He is one of the wizards who created the Minalea tools and is a pillar of the IT team 👨‍💻

Spotlight 😎

➡ Peter, what are you doing at Minalea?

"My main focus is on software architecture and development. I also coordinate the dev team and manage agile projects."

➡ Since when ?

"I have been connected to minalea since it's very beginning and joined the team in 2017 full time."

Where do you come from ? What is your background?

"After graduating from University I worked as a consultant in the german insurance industry on various software development projects. I joined the first pan european online insurance INEAS in 2002, helped to startup business in the spanish market. After that I led an international team at Axa Group Solutions with projects in Spain, Poland and France. And finally found my home at Minalea."

➡ A passion ?

"I love spending quality time with my family. Computers and technology have always fascinated me since I was little and riding my e-bike is a great way to unwind. Astronomy and physics are also subjects that I find captivating 😁"


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