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Team portrait : Gianluca, business analyst in Italie

Today it's Gianluca Corsico's turn to introduce himself! A business analyst in the Italian Minalea team for a few months now, Gianluca is one of the sportsmen in the gang! 🏐 😎

Spotlight 😎

➡ Gianluca, what do you do at Minalea ?

Ciao! I am a Business Analyst in Italy. My task is to analyse the general conditions of insurance contracts from different companies, in order to find strengths and weaknesses of their covers.

➡ Since when ?

I joined Minalea's family in October 2022.

➡ Where are you from? What's your background?

I have been a professional athlete for more than 12 years playing in the first Handball league of my country. Then, after some work experiences in two shelters for refugees and asylum seekers in my home town and in Greece during my last year of University, once I graduated in Law on 2021 I quit playing handball and I started my insurance career, working for 14 months as an insurance mediator for Allianz.

➡ A passion ?

Answering this question isn't easy, but I can describe what the perfect day would be for me: spending some time abroad with foreign people to know their culture and share local food together, writing a little book about the experience. Travels, food and writing!✈ 🍜📚


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