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Minalea acquires Profideo

Minalea, a subsidiary of the Kereis Group, has acquired Profideo, the French leader in the supply and analysis of market data for the insurance industry.

Profideo has been present on the French market for over 20 years and has developed benchmark digital tools for insurers for analysing and comparing insurance offers, as well as for analysing commercial and strategic developments in the sector.

Together, Minalea and Profideo will form Europe's leading technological platform for analysing insurance cover, with sales of €10m in 2023. The expertise developed by Profideo in France will be deployed in the other countries where Minalea operates, namely Belgium, Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Profideo also provides the Kereis Group with cutting-edge expertise, particularly in market intelligence solutions, studies and strategic benchmarks requested by the main European insurers.

This acquisition is in line with the strategy of strengthening the technological platform of the Kereis Group, a leading provider of technological solutions to insurers in the field of personal protection and insurance.

Current technological developments, particularly in the field of Generative Artificial Intelligence, require significant resources in terms of both the data to be processed and the teams required to implement high value-added services. The acquisition of Profideo will give Kereis critical mass in this forward-looking field, to the benefit of its customers. For 2023 alone, Kereis has earmarked a budget of €60m for the deployment and development of its technological and digital platform.

Guy Leroy, Chairman of Minalea, said:

"This acquisition is a fantastic opportunity for us to join forces and go even further in developing intelligent solutions for our insurance customers. Thanks to this operation, Minalea will be able to assert itself as the leader in France and Europe in insurance data analysis."

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