Price cannot be the only variable to select and insurance !

Insurance products are complex and opaque. This lack of transparency encourages customers to base their buying decisions on the price only.  

The Smart Sales Assistant makes in few clics insurance simple and more understandable for both customers and vendors. It creates confidence for customers when they select their insurance. It secures and makes your vendors more comfortable to promote their offers and services.  

The Smart Sales Assistant is a robo-advisor that analyzes your clients current offers against the market and selects the most relevant arguments in covers and services, based on each customer profile and needs.

Vendors get a complete product analysis in few clicks which helps customers understand what they are buying. Everything is clear, each customer question can be answered precisely, all the informations can be shared with customers.

Benefits are immediate ! 

No IT is required, deploy in a network is easy and fast, your sales forces get immediately benefits of a ready-to-use engine that analyzes the whole market, keep data always updated, and delivers the right pitch to your vendors.

Quote volumes and conversion rates are boosted, immediately. 

Vendors love it ! 

All vendors using the Smart Sales Assistant love it : it's a real and decisive help to improve the customer relation and boost sales. 

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